I have perceived another dimension to the meaning and essence of life and I am looking forward to impart to you what I've learned from my masters wisdom, love and compassion that are needed for one to become a whole human being.

Few thoughts I retained from the book "The Science of Homeopathy" by George Vithoukulas.

The science of homeopathy manifests itself in the positive space/time frame - it is electrical in nature, has positive mass, travels slower than the velocity of electromagnetic light, gives rise to the gravitational force, and is the substance prescribed and utilized in allopathic medicine. Etheric substance is postulated to manifest itself in the negative space/time frame - it is magnetic in nature, has negative mass, travels faster than the velocity of electromagnetic light, gives rise to the levitational force, and is the substance prescribed and utilized in homeopathic medicine.

More organized and coherent we become at the physical level, incoherence and imbalance at more subtle levels. As we evolve and become more integrated, the coherence extends to the more subtle levels, which become more energized, and the individual functions in the physical world under conditions of increased energy flux. Today's integrated circuits are orders of magnitude more demanding than those of a decade ago, our understanding of materials is more sophisticated and our ability to sense departures from perfection is correspondingly greater.

In the present, we are just beginning to develop instrumentation of an electrical nature to monitor physiological responses to a network of skin points. These points correlate well with imbalances in the body at the physical and at the next, more subtle level. In the laboratory and on the drawing board, devices are being developed that will directly reveal the interaction of mental intention and healing. Our future medicine will proceed toward the development of techniques and treatments that can utilize successively finer and finer energies.

William A. Tiller
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Stanford University

Homeopathy is Healing

We come readily to the answer that everyone, through these desires, seeks and inner state of being which is happiness; a happiness which is unconditional and continuous. A happiness which depends very little upon external conditions and persists despite transient changes which kaleidoscopically march past us in life. Attainment of health is an essential prerequisite to Man's attainment of the fundamental objective in life: unconditional happiness.

Honor your body, which is your representative in this universe. Its magnificence is no accident. It is the framework through which your works must come; through which the spirit and the spirit within the spirit speaks. The flesh and the spirit are two phases of your actuality in space and time. Who ignores one, falls apart in shambles.

So it is written...

The idea of hierarchy is actually the idea of the Oneness from which all else has been created. All entities and all levels are connected throughout the universe by this concept; therefore it can be considered a universal law. Body in high frequency phases change in his electrodynamic field prior to actual onset of the illness. In the living organism, systems that handle information are ordinarily shielded from interference from external electromagnetic fields but in pathological states the barriers break down and more of an influence are exercised by the external forces (e.g. solar flares, lightning discharges). Change in susceptibility can occur, of course, not only by emotional shocks, changes in environmental temperature or humidity, and especially by treatment with allopathic drugs.

The best way to illustrate this principle is to present a case example which is very common in the practice of any physician. Let us consider a patient who has contracted a staphylococcus infection in the lungs. From moment of onset of the infection, the vibration rate ("resonant frequency") changes somewhat, and the patient is "immune" to invasion by other similar organisms. The defense mechanism calls into action the normal mechanisms of fever, cough, chills, prostration, etc., and the patient goes to the doctor. Tests are done and reveal an elevated white blood cell count, antibody production against staphylococcus, and abscess on X-ray, and a culture which grows Staphylococcus sensitive to a wide variety of antibiotics. The patient is given one of these antibiotics, and promptly the fever decreases, the energy begins to return, and the quality of sputum improves.

If this patient's defense mechanism is strong, it eventually reestablishes equilibrium and corrects the changes in vibration rate caused by the bacteria and the antibiotic. If, on the other hand, the defense mechanism is not quite strong enough, a different course of events occurs. The vibration rate does not return to normal and is altered even more deeply by the antibiotic. After a week or so, there occurs a pleural reaction with pain and effusion. Covering the patient's body with a substance containing a large amount of camphor; usually, liniments and "vapo-rubs" are best for his purpose. If a disordered case must be antidote, I would recommend allopathic drugs as the most reliable method. If the allopathic drugs are relatively weak, or only occasionally taken, then the obvious policy is to merely discontinue them and wait 15-30 days before taking the full homeopathic case. Most disturbing to the action of the defense mechanism are the systemic corticosteroids and ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic hormone).

New ideas always challenge conventional viewpoints and traditional structures. For that reason, they are accepted slowly and usually with great difficulty. In homeopathy, we have a therapy which has profound value for the future of our societies. Not only is it a therapy which can effectively cure chronic diseases, but it is a method of stimulating the defense mechanism and balancing the constitution of patients. It is capable of enhancing the degree of productivity, creativity, and serenity of people by removing the susceptibility to disturbing influences.

As homeopathy becomes a more widely accepted therapy, world leaders would have access to treatment which would reduce their personal reactions to stress, and thereby create a situation in which nations can decide to avoid conflict and create ways in which to harmonize their relations. Homeopathy does not merely remove disease from an organism; it strengthens and harmonizes the very source of life and creativity in the individual. The medical industry of today is one of the largest single industries in the world. The forces which allow this accumulated power are not easily going to accept a system as radically different as homeopathy.

Society itself is already undergoing changes which create hope that such progress is possible. More and more people are becoming disenchanted with the failures of modern allopathic medicine in the face of chronic disease; the underlying assumptions of medicine are being questioned and openly challenged. Highest and strictest standard of homeopathy must be established and tested thoroughly in the arena of actual clinical results. The very professionalism and clinical successes of these schools should be able to overcome the inevitable political and legal resistance to the emergence of a new profession, and eventually licensing procedures will be establishes so that the public can have a way of identifying a qualified prescriber from an unqualified one. The allopathic profession can be openly invited to participate in objective studies comparing the effectiveness of the two methods.